Patio Covers that
Let You Enjoy the Outdoors

Savor the outdoors with a beautiful patio cover. Texas Custom Barns extends your living area beyond the walls of your house. With our patio covers, you can spend more time outside, entertain more guests, and bond with your family. Install a patio cover today, so you can plan lovely weekend brunches, barbeque parties, or playdates.

Trust Us with Your Patio Cover

Texas Custom Barns believes that a patio cover deserves as much attention as the living area, bathroom, or kitchen.
Our passion for creating outdoor spaces makes us the construction company of choice for patio covers in Texas.

We use durable

More than aesthetic appeal and durability, we focus on safety. We follow local building codes so you can enjoy the outdoors securely.

We study your
home’s design

We don’t want to build a patio cover that’s out of place. We study the exteriors of your home and recommend a suitable design. This will not only make your home more charming but also increase its value.

We’re familiar with
safety standards

We keep to your ideal barn size, the perfect paint colors, the most ergonomic floor plans, and everything in between. We don’t want you to end up with a home that won’t satisfy you, after all. Expect a lot of consultation even at the design stage.

We Serve Texas

Texas Custom Barns serves homeowners who want to enhance the functionality and feel of their homes. We work with many types of houses, such as bungalows, multi-level homes, and even barndominiums.

We also welcome businesses who want to improve their offices. Our team will inspect your workspace and check if we can add patio covers, so your employees can relax and take a break outside.

Our Innovative Approach

We build our patio covers with care. First, we discuss your preferences. Our team surveys your home or office and recommends the ideal design. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we start sourcing materials. Don’t worry, we don’t ask clients to look for suppliers and contractors; we take care of that. We also present a timeline and take care of necessary paperwork.

Our projects cause little to no inconvenience on your part. We see to it that the construction stays within your budget and lets you perform day-to-day activities. We inspect every detail to ensure everything’s built well before the grand reveal.

Call us for inquiries

Enjoy the Texan outdoors with a beautiful patio cover.

Texas Custom Barns builds quality pole barns, barndominiums, patio covers, and more, hassle-free.


For Texas Custom Barns, it’s always a pleasure to create new spaces with as little inconvenience on your part. We aim to build barns and patios so efficiently, you can focus on your family and your business.



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