Texas Custom Barns provides turnkey solutions that expand your property without disrupting day-to-day operations. We build pole barns, barndominiums, carports, and more, within your timeline and budget. We won’t ask you to look for independent contractors — we have a dedicated crew who’ll design, source supplies, and build your project. Expect appealing structures built to the highest standards.

What We Build

Texas Custom Barns serves home and business owners looking for
turnkey building solutions. Leave the design, supplies, and construction to us.
Just tell us your plans, and we’ll get to work right away

Pole Barns

Have a strong, multi-purpose pole barn that can withstand harsh weather elements and keep occupants, equipment, and supplies safe at your disposal.

Patio Covers & CARPORTS

Make your outdoor space more comfortable and elegant. Our patio covers protect your family, pets, and outdoor furniture.


Work in an ergonomic space. Our workshops are designed to make your job easier and increase your productivity.


Enjoy a one-of-a-kind space that can serve as living quarters, a workshop, or both with any of our barndominium designs.

Decades of Construction Experience

With decades of experience between our people, Texas Custom Barns are builders par excellence. Our team is well-trained in barn design and construction. All our materials are high-quality and responsibly sourced. We’re a local business that builds structures suitable for the geography of and weather in Texas.

We’re especially proud of our team dynamic. In fact, our owner and construction manager have been working together since 1997. The duo created a culture of collaboration within the company; Builders, managers, and the administrative staff move seamlessly toward one goal — to build the barn structure you ask of us.


Texas Custom Barns serves the Greater Houston Area. If you don't see your location on the map,
feel free to reach out as we try to accommodate all of our clients needs.

Work with Us Today

Discuss your vision, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Turnkey Solutions

Receive all-in-one construction services

Local and Proud

Support a local business that knows your needs

Dependable Customer Service

Approach our friendly staff for inquiries

Collaborative Culture

Witness how we build your vision

Quality Materials

Choose a company prioritizes quality results

Meets Your Needs

Find the solution to your building needs

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More than 20 Years of Building

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve got the process of building barns, carports, and other structures that meet and exceed your expectations down to a science. We know which materials to use for optimal construction work. We also have high-performing equipment and a network of reliable suppliers.

Our turnkey solutions set us apart. While other companies help you find a concrete contractor, we already have a dedicated concrete crew at our disposal.

Not only do we build pole barns and patio covers; we build relationships, as well. Part of our job is to understand the needs of our clients. So, don’t hesitate to speak with us about your priorities and concerns. Texas Custom Barns will direct you to the best solution.

Tell Us Your Construction Needs

From barns to patio covers, trust Texas Custom Barns to build strong and stable structures, with little to no inconvenience on your part.

Texas Custom Barns builds quality pole barns, barndominiums, patio covers, and more, hassle-free.


For Texas Custom Barns, it’s always a pleasure to create new spaces with as little inconvenience on your part. We aim to build barns and patios so efficiently, you can focus on your family and your business.



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